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Issue #2

This week we grew the FC, added an eastern cherry blossom tree to the Coastal Cottage, distributed some minions to members and had a super awesome fun time throwing an impromptu dance party at the house! New Member Spotlight Feym Lyosa Feym Lyosa joins the ranks after returning from a two month break. Feym is [...]

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Issue # 1

  This week was a lot of fun! I should have posted last night, but let's get serious - Game of Thrones. Even so, this has rolled into an idea those of us at AstridTheory had for a weekly post. Here we are going to post some fun things those of us experienced this week. [...]

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Free Company Airship Guide and Reference Sheet

Welcome to Astridtheory.com's Free Company Airship Guide. This has been pieced together over weeks and months of finding different information from in-game, various websites, individuals contributing on reddit and the interwebs at large. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource as we continue to add formatting and information for all you airship aholics out [...]

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Viltgance-type Airship Part Creation!!!

Today will be another post about what can be accomplished in your Free Company Workshop. After patiently waiting for some supplies to come in from a few of our voyages we were finally able to unlock the Viltgance-Type airship parts. As a small FC we were able to call on our friends to help us [...]

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