Vinu is a legendary pet found at the vineyard entrance in Northern Azsuna. He’s available to fight whenever his World Quest, ‘The Wine’s Gone Bad’, pops up. He’ll have two wild pets from Azsuna as backup – battle pets will vary between days but won’t change within a given day.

Defeating Vinu for The Wine’s Gone Bad is also the criteria for Battle on the Broken Isles that rewards  Pocket Pet Portal.

Vinu’s damage all has big wind-up, making moves such as Bubble very valuable. I used Syd the Squid (Water Jet/Bubble/Cleansing Rain) for the extra value of his Magic racial. The key is that Aquatic damage/Bubble, so other options include the Sea Calf, Benax, Ghostshell Crab, Mud Jumper, Squirky, Stout Alemental, and the Swamp Croaker. Any two of the above will do splendidly, alternately you can probably brute-force the fight with any three Aquatic pets.


Barrel Toss



passive: Boss


Countering Vinu

Players need to utilize bubble and dodge-style moves combined with aquatic damage, e.g., Mud Diver, Water Jumper, Syd the Squid.  

Tested Methods

Syd the Squid

Abilities: Water Jet, Bubble, and Cleansing Rain

Round 1: Water Jet
Round 2: Bubble
round 3: Cleansing Rain
rounds 4-7: Water Jet
round 8: Cleansing Rain
round 9: Water Jet

Thundertail Flapper

Abilities: 1,1,2

Round 1: Tail Slap
Round 2: Beaver Dam
Round 3: Pass
Round 4: Pass
Round 5: Tail Slap
Round 6: Tail Slap
Round 7: Tail Slap
Round 8: Beaver Dam
Round 9: Pass
Round 10: Tail Slap
Round 11: Tail Slap
Round 12: Tail Slap
Round 13: Buried treasure
Round 14: Beaver Dam
Round 15: Pass
Round 16: Tail Slap
Round 17: Tail Slap
Round 18: Tail Slap

Alpine Hare

With S/S, you’ll get 2 rounds out of Dodge, and with that + Burrow you can block everything and just wear him down.
Round 1: Flurry
Round 2: Flurry
Round 3: Dodge
Round 4: Flurry
Round 5: Burrow
Round 6: Flurry 
Round 7: Flurry
Round 8: Dodge
Round 9: Flurry
Round 10: Flurry
Round 11: Flurry
Round 12: Burrow
Round 13: Dodge
Round 14: Flurry
Round 15: Flurry
Round 17: Flurry
Round 18: Flurry
Round 19: Flurry