What is Ancient Mana?

Ancient Mana is vital for the Nightfallen; in-game, it is a pseudo-currency used to increase reputation with the Nightfallen faction and to ensure your Nightfallen comrades don’t turn into the withered. You can collect three (3) to six (6) ancient mana per kill in Suramar, collect various ground items (depending on the item, the amount can vary from five (5) to one hundred-fifty (150). At a maximum, players can only carry 2000 ancient mana at one time.

Why Worry About Ancient Mana?

For starters, feeding the Nightfallen to help you quest will keep your reputation train a-chuggin’. More reputation not only means faster unlocking of the dungeons, but also Toys, additional world quests, and the ability to unlock your entire Order Hall set (the final piece of which requires Exalted with the Nightfallen).

Players spend ancient mana on three things:

  1. Three daily turn-ins to increase The Nightfallen reputation;
  2. Random interactions in Suramar – including, gaining access to a companion to assist in your questing;
  3. Withered Army training.

Best Farm Location

Making loops around the marked area on the map (to the left), you’ll notice Leypetal Blossoms in the outside areas and Twice-Fortified Arcwine inside buildings. These are what you want more than anything! The former rewards 30 or more Ancient Mana, while the latter typically gives more than 100. As long as there isn’t much competition around, farming these two items is the best way to quickly stock up on Ancient Mana.