To the chagrin of countless treasure hunters, the golden coffer of the legendary Mistbeard was not to be found on Hullbreaker Isle. And so like the mists which had withdrawn to reveal the isle did those ambitious souls depart to seek fame and fortune elsewhere, allowing Eynzahr Slafsrsyn to quietly petition Admiral Merlwyb for permission to repurpose it as a training ground for Maelstrom recruits.

Dungeon Boss: Battle Coeurl & Sanguine Sirens

This fight is very straightforward and is presented as several waves of fights. Players need to dodge AOE attacks, including line based attacks from the Sanguine Sirens and circle attacks fired from offshore cannons. After players defeat the first wave of Sanguine Sirens, a coeurl will spawn. The coeurl will tether to the groups healer. Focus should be to defeat this coeurl quickly, as one of its attacks is a stun. Further, the coeurl will apply a healing down debuff to the party and a damage up buff to itself.

Protip: Take out the Sanguine Siren Gunners first, they have significantly left health than the Sanguine Siren Targirl. . . – ReadReborn


  • Berserker’s Belt
  • Viking Belt
  • Conqueror’s Belt
  • Wrangler’s Belt
  • Subjugator’s Belt
  • Prophet’s Belt
  • Panegyrist’s Belt
  • Berserker’s Leg Guards
  • Viking Leg Guards
  • Conqueror’s Sandals
  • Wrangler’s Boots
  • Subjugator’s Sandals
  • Prophet’s Sandals
  • Panegyrist’s Sandals

Dungeon Boss: Ymir

dungeon guide hullbreaker

For a snail, this boss sure is a shocker . . . hue hue hue . . .

Main mechanics:

  • Blanket Thunder/Lightning Tethers – Does raid wide damage to the entire party. After AOE damage goes out, two players will be tethered together. The tethered players will need to run away from each other in order to break the tether to avoid taking further damage.
  • Puddles – Players walking over these slime spots will become fettered. However, players should step in the puddle in order to resist the Lightning Attack.
  • Mega Volt – Player(s) will be marked with an orange flag. Once marked, players should move into the puddle in order to become immune to the lightning based attack Ymir casts.
  • Flash Freeze – Ymir casts flash freeze to freeze the floor of the entire arena. Players moving after flash freeze is cast will skid across the arena uncontrollably.
  • Iceberg – Players will be targeted by ice rings. Players marked by the ice ring should spread out because icebergs will drop. Once placed, the ice will explode and players should move out of the AOE radius of the icebergs.


  • Berserker’s Helm
  • Viking Helm
  • Conqueror’s Turban
  • Wrangler’s Hat
  • Subjugator’s Turban
  • Prophet’s Mask
  • Panegyrist’s Mask
  • Berserker’s Armguards
  • Viking Armguards
  • Conquerer’s Armguards
  • Wrangler’s Gloves
  • Subjugator’s Armguards
  • Prophet’s Armwraps
  • Panegyrist’s Armwraps

Dungeon Boss: Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn


  • Mael Strike – party-wide 3k damage;
  • O’Gomoro Splitter – AOE damage on the floor in random areas;

At 75% Grand Storm Marshal Slafyrsyn transforms into Mistbeard

  • Treasure Coffer – treasure coffers will spawn in a circle around the arena. Contained within these coffers will be either a blue potion or a brown potion. Players should run to the blue potion coffer in order to avoid a debuff. All players will receive a roughly 6,000 damage hit at the end of this mechanic.
  • Heavy Debuff – A random player will be marked with a heavy debuff. At this time players have a short amount of time to get out of a ground AOE. Healers should use removal/cleansing spells (e.g., Esuna) to remove the debuff so the heavied player can avoid the AOE damage.
  • Exploding Kegs – Multiple powder kegs will drop to the ground. Players should attack these to push them away from the party


  • Berserker’s Scale Mail
  • Viking Scale Mail
  • Conqueror’s Vest
  • Wrangler’s Jacket
  • Subjugator’s Vest
  • Prophet’s Chestwrap
  • Panegyrist’s Chestwrap
  • Berserker’s hose
  • Viking Hose
  • Conqueror’s Brais
  • Wrangler’s Chaps
  • Subjugator’s Brais
  • Prophet’s Culottes
  • Panegyrist’s Culottes
  • Calamari
  • Horizons Calling Orchestrion Roll