Okay guys, I know I know . . . this is a Final Fantasy XIV themed blog to catalogue the adventures of Astrid & Fey. How dare thee disgrace such jrpg mmo splendor with something like the Witcher 3?! As you may be aware, the steam sale was fairly extended and contained a number of great titles this year. One of them, and as part of my birthday present from Astrid, was the Witcher 3. Let me start by stating, I have never played a Witcher game. Again, let me say, I have never played a Witcher game.

. . . I’m blown away. See the featured image? That’s from gameplay!

I have played numerous open world RPGs, including Morrowind 3 on my original Xbox. Even before my xbox days, I have always been a fan of RPGs, yes, hence why I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy. My first rpg was probably Zelda, Links Awakening on the original gameboy. I wish I still had that old brick. You remember, the grey/tan colored hunk of plastic that only displayed a greyish screen similar to the nokia flip phone? I digress . . .

The Game

You spend most of the game the protagonist of the story, Geralt, as you explore massive outdoor areas, undertake quests, slay monsters, make moral choices, and of course level up. Occasionally, players will gain the control of Ciri (Ciri is the individual Geralt is attempting to find). The following is why you should play. 

There’s blood!

The Witcher 3 7_10_2016 3_29_49 AM The Witcher 3 7_12_2016 2_38_32 AM The Witcher 3 7_10_2016 3_29_55 AM

There’s Sex!

The Witcher 3 7_14_2016 7_55_47 AM

Oh wait, that was the aftermath . . .

Here’s the sex . . .

The Witcher 3 7_14_2016 7_55_02 AM

There’s an enourmous amount of sidequests

At the time of writing this review, I have played 72 hours of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I have only unlocked 21% of the achievements on steam and I still have a decent amount of the story to go. I am perpetually sidetracked by all of the amazing contracts (bounty type side quests), side quests, gwent matches (a standalone card game you can play), and simply roaming the open world exploring everything the game has to offer.

[su_quote cite=”Vincent Ingenito, IGN” url=”http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/05/12/the-witcher-3-the-wild-hunt-review”]The Witcher 3 gets nearly everything incredibly right. Depending on your decisions in The Witcher 2 (which can be handily recreated via some dialogue early in the game), you’ll see lots of familiar faces returning to play a role in Geralt’s search, and once they have, they offer you a secondary line of quests that typically provide far more interesting scenarios to dabble in. Underground turf wars, assassination plots, love triangles, and unexpected alliances are all part of these optional romps.[/su_quote]

The Entire Game is Eye Candy

The Witcher 3 7_1_2016 4_59_32 PM

The Witcher 3 7_2_2016 3_46_38 PM

The Witcher 3 7_2_2016 3_55_57 PM
The Witcher 3 7_14_2016 4_49_31 AM The Witcher 3 7_14_2016 4_16_30 AM


Being able to pick up this game for only $24.99 on steam during the summer sale was an amazing steal. The gameplay is fantastic, the game is expansive, and I have enjoyed playing this amazing RPG. The game isn’t terribly pricy on Amazon.com. Here are the links to the different versions if you would like to pick yourself up a copy: PS4 | XBOX ONE | PC