This week has been really great. The free company house is finally coming together on the new FFXIV interior; members got together to run a lot of Aquapolis, of course using the Feym /random method; and, the Lift FC raid group is starting to make some great headway in the Cuff of the Son Savage. After just one night of raiding together, the group progressed to the third boss. Sarepean owes everyone icecream!

Lift FC House – New FFXIV Interior

Over the past few weeks the members of Lift FC have worked together to really make a great Free Company house. The interior decoration is really coming together and we have Feylorne Gladestalker, Thani Pudge and Astrid Moonkiss to really thank. Well, let’s be honest, the woman’s touch by Astrid and Thani is really what made this house come together! The first floor was great to begin with, but as a moogle house, the members really could use a brighter and more fun atmosphere.

The Main Floor



The Bottom Floor

Of course, the fun and brightness of the first floor is fantastic. However, the decor changes drastically as you creep down the stairs into the spa and the free company library.


Behind the Oriental Partition contains the spa room available for all members.


An Oriental Altar may be needed to add an additional touch to this great hideaway.

If you skip going into the spa and instead traverse down the hallway, members will enter the library.


Aquapolis Fun


Raiding Group Finalized

The raid group had a very successful first night of raiding savage together. It would have been a one shot AS5, unfortunately we had some technical issues and at 9% we wiped. After another 30 minutes we finally downed it once we recovered from technical difficulties. Feylorne obtained the Midan Earrings of Slaying and Thani obtained theĀ Midan Ring of Healing.


The final raid roster


  • Updated the Final Fantasy XIV Airship Guide to include Loot Table
  • Thani, Astrid and Fey got new music from sector 18 – ship will continue to run Sector 18 until everyone in the FC has the music!