This week was great. My bae Feylorne stayed up and watched the Live Letter – his blog entry about it is pretty great too. Be sure to check it out here if you haven’t already! It seems there are some really fun things coming with patch 3.3 and I can’t wait to jump right into it.

Dungeon Running

It really is funny how the same old dungeon can sometimes seem new and fun when you see it from a different perspective. I had to let my Bard deeps drop for a bit to take this screenshot. Members running dungeons were War Lop, Feym Lyosa, Feylorne Gladestalker and of course me – Astrid Moonkiss!

Dungeon Running

Diadem Party


OMG! So, prior to this week, I have never been in the Diadem before. Feym Lyosa was so great to serve as our tour guide and we downed some of the Diadem monsters for spoils with Nymn Lyosa, Silva Tirisfal, Feylorne Gladestalker and myself.


We even managed to get some Fresh Tracks to spawn. Of course, no mega monster for us, just a category V Pteradon.



While we didn’t clear, we did have a LIFT FC party to try and down Thordan for me and some of our FC friends. Having never been in the instance, I thought it was super fun. Lots more mechanics than the normal mode and the visuals were stunning. In attendance were War Lop, Feylorne Gladestalker, Nymn Lyosa, Feym Lyosa. Our friends Lara Tombraider, Tronrix Lux and A. Crux joined in on the fun.


Member Spotlight

This week our member spotlight falls on War Lop. He has been literally grinding his little butt off to get his Nothung relic.



The Weekly Gil

This is the inaugural “Weekly Gil” post that will be included in each weeks Issue Post. The section will provide readers with a weekly tip on how to earn more Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.  This week a I am going to describe my methods on how to obtain more Fieldcraft Demimateria I. Currently, these go for about 10,000 gil each on Faerie. Well, the easiest way to obtain these are through Desynthesis.

By way of background, Desynthesis was introduced in Patch 2.3.

[su_quote cite=”FFXIV Wiki” url=””]Item Desynthesis is a system that allows crafters to break down pre-existing items and generate Crafting Material and other components of the original item. Most of items such as weapons, armor, housing items and fish can be Desynthesized.[/su_quote].

Marketboard Dependent Method: (Goldsmith Desynthesis)

One way to obtain is through housing items on the marketboard by desynthesizing Goldsmith items. The following is a list of items I check to desynth:

  • Oasis Cottage Roof (Composite)
  • Oasis Cottage Roof (Stone)
  • Oasis House Roof (Composite)
  • Oasis House Roof (Stone)
  • Riviera Cottage Wall (Composite)
  • Riviera Cottage Wall (Stone)
  • Riviera House Wall (Composite)
  • Riviera House Wall (Stone)
  • Glade Cottage Wall (Stone)
  • Glade House Wall (Stone)
  • Oasis Cottage Wall (Composite)
  • Oasis Cottage Wall (Stone)
  • Oasis House Wall (Composite)
  • Oasis House Wall (Stone)

The bonus to this method is the potential of receiving Mortar. At the time of writing this post, Mortar goes for 7,000 gil each on Faerie. Check the marketboard. I can normally snag a few of these for less than 1,000 gil per item.

New Method: Iron Alembic (Armorer Desynthesis)

Now, my previous method is really finicky because it relies on how cheap these housing items are posted for on the Marketboard. However, the new method doesn’t rely on any variables. All of the materials are purchasable from a vendor and the total cost to make one item to desynthesize is a mere 182 gil (excluding the cost of shards).

As an added bonus, when players desynthesize the Iron Alembic the player receives one iron rivet or one iron ingot back – plus a few shards – back, that is of course if the item doesn’t produce a Fieldcraft Demimateria I. All you need is one Iron Plate and two Iron Ingots.

ItemIron Alembic

Iron Alembic