This week we grew the FC, added an eastern cherry blossom tree to the Coastal Cottage, distributed some minions to members and had a super awesome fun time throwing an impromptu dance party at the house!

New Member Spotlight

Feym Lyosa

Feym Lyosa

Feym Lyosa joins the ranks after returning from a two month break. Feym is one heck of a white mage and is quite the LALA healer! He is already active in Lift and is always looking to join groups or run instances.

War Lop

War Lop was looking for an FC to join. After a group of us got together, and Feym Lyosa bribed War with cookies – we got a heck of an Eleazan tank to join LIFT.


Garden Variety Minions

This week I was so happy to hand out a bit of FC love to our members by distributing some minions from our garden. If you need more specific information please head over to our friends at FFXIV Gardening for a ton of great information about how to crossbreed and raise your own little minions!

Silva received an Eggplant Knight

War Lop received a Tomato King

Feym received a Tomato King

Trisselle received a Tomato King

tomatokingtomatoking Trisselle_kingTrisselle_king Silva_EggplantSilva_Eggplant

Trisselle Clears Leviathan (HM) With LIFT

A good group of us put together a quick unsynced party to help Trisselle with their clear. Lots of fun was had by all!

Eastern Cherry Tree Finally Added

After two Zu Mounts sold we were able to finally pick up an Eastern Cherry Tree for the FC House. As you may know, these trees can be quite expensive. Luckily, we were able to find one on our server for only 5million gil.