Today will be another post about what can be accomplished in your Free Company Workshop. After patiently waiting for some supplies to come in from a few of our voyages we were finally able to unlock the Viltgance-Type airship parts. As a small FC we were able to call on our friends to help us form the crafting party necessary to put together our Viltgance-type Forecastle.

Unlocking Viltgance Type Parts

Recipe unlocked by completing the ‘Airship Prototype VII’ schematic on the Schematic Board in the Company Workshop (requires 18x Aetherochemical Fiber, 8x Synthetic Fiber, 8x Balsa Wood Lumber)

Viltgance-type Forecastle – Material List

The following list breaks down the materials you will need by Phase:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

The real trick with this craft is making the Galvanized Garlond Steel. It is a specialist recipe and Mastercraft IV Book (which you will need 720 Blue Crafter Scripts to obtain).

Moving on to the Craft


Luckily, myself and the FC’s resident Pudge Lord – Thani Pudge, had some help from some friends to complete the craft. Rubien Tarket and Bananarama Joe put in some sweat labor to help us craft this awesome piece.

Currently, we have set Demeter with a Bronco-Type Hull, Enterprise-type Bladder, Viltgance-type Forecastle, and an Enterprise-Type Aftcastle. Our hope is to downgrade the bladder to the Invincible-type Propellers and upgrade the aftcastle to an Odyssey-type Aftcastle!

The current ship . . .

Airship Stats Viltgance Graphic