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Astrid here, I am co-leader of “We Don’t Even Lift” – a relatively small Free Company on the Faerie server. This is the first post of hopefully a good series that will document my travels and experiences through Final Fantasy XIV.  I will hopefully touch on a number of different areas, such as crafting, glamour fashion, FC Leadership, and any number of different musings that I see fit to write about. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website and reading what I have to say. My hope is to also make some aspects of the game easier for the reader after they have had the opportunity to view some of my posts.

As you can see from the above image, our Free Company decided it was time to build the Microscopically Small Mogwall!!! If you want to start this project, then it would be a good idea to have some airships to snag you some key items. Namely – Dravanian Mote. Further, be ready to collect a number of Dawnborne Aethersand used to craft your Cassia Block. Later in this post I will give you some tips on how to obtain these items.

Microscopically Small Mogwall – Material List

But without further adieu – the following list breaks down the materials you will need:

Some of these items are not exactly cheap – to say the least. However, hopefully some of the following information can get you started on your way to reduce the overall cost.

Fishing For Materials

So you need a bunch of Dawnborne Aethersand . . . how to do it? The easiest way is Aetherial Reduction. Aetherial Reduction is a general action that allows the player to break down Collectable Items into Crystals, Clusters and random rare materials.

As of 3.0, thereDawnborne Aethersand are 3 different levels of items that can be reduced, and what yields is based on the purity of 1-8. The higher the purity, the higher chance for it to yield rare items, such as Duskborne Aethersand. There are special types of Aethersand for Miner, Botanist, and Fisher, being Landborne, Leafborne, and Seaborne respectively. Purity level does not affect the total yield, just the chance

The easiest way to farm Dawnborne Aethersand, in my opinion, is to grab your rod and reel. Time to go fishing! My current stats are 547 Gathering and 457 Perception. Essentially, there is one fishing location I used and the window is fairly large.

Teleport to Moghome in the Churning Mists. Make sure you have some Giant Crane Fly as your bait because we are fishing up some  Pteranodon. The location is Sohm Al Summit – located at (X: 16.1, Y: 39) . Don’t forget to use “Collect” before casting your line. The window is from 9 AM – 5 PM Eorzean time. Typically, if I was lucky I could get 4-7 Dawnborne Aethersand per trip.

Credit goes to our resident Pudge Lord, Thani Pudge for turning us on to this great farming location!

Airship Voyages – Dravanian Mote Style

As you can see from the Material List, you will need six Dravanian Down Trees. Each tree needs 1 Dravanian Mote and 3x Growth Formula Zeta.Dravanian Mote

In order to obtain Dravanian Mote you will need to use a company airship(s) to hopefully return with this fairly rare drop (or purchase on the Marketboard/Advertise in Party Finder). We were able to obtain a few from Sector 6 and Sector 13.


Now for some screenshots:

Entry Way

Entry Way

Entry Way Close Up

Entry Way Close Up


Garden Entrance!

Picture Walls In The Basement

Picture Wall In The Basement

Thani's Private Chambers <3

Thani’s Private Chambers <3

All of this took a lot of work from a lot of great people and I just want to say it’s only the beginning. Not everything is finalized yet and I can’t wait to keep touching up and polishing the house. Hopefully these screenshots can give some of you some decorating ideas for your own FC house or private estate!!

That’s all for now!