After the reset I’m assuming all you raiders out there are clearing your Alexander Midas Savage floors. Tonight, I was fortunate to sub in for a group to get an A5S clear and some much needed practice in A6S on my summoner.  Recently, I switched over from Bard to Summoner to join a raid group (which without going into details, didn’t work out).

Tonight’s Raid Roster:

Alexander Midas Savage – Fist of the Son

There were a few on the roster (myself included) playing on classes that weren’t their mains or that they had recently changed over to play. I know Velocirapture is normally a Black Mage and I believe Eo recently switched to tank. Additionally, Felicity was fairly new at taking care of bombs and she did a bang up job. All in all the A5S clear took a little while for us to become cohesive but we ended without the final add even spawning. Overall, a great experience!

As for loot, we obtained two belts: the Midan Belt of Healing and the Midan Belt of Scouting.

Alexander Midas Savage – Cuff of the Son


Tronrix did a great job of explaining the fight. We initially struggled with placement and we may have had a few whipes on bombs dropping. We also may have had a few people die to charges . . . uh oh!

However! There was hope. After a bit of practice messing up, we started to push into the second boss fairly easily. A few times, we made it to the second boss with no deaths and we pushed dps pretty hard.

I will say, in a moment of panic, when we had no silence, Felicity came up big by having Eos silence the boss in order for us to progress. Not exactly the smoothest way to progress but progress is progress and this scholar has some skillz . . .

Overall, for a mashup of people who don’t all normally play together the group made some solid progress and it seemed everyone made improvements in a pretty short amount of time.