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Blottis – Size Doesn’t Matter World Quest

"Size Doesn't Matter" Size Doesn't Matter is one of the 37 different Pet Battle World Quests that give credit towards Battle on the Broken Isles, which grants  Pocket Pet Portal. This battle is NOT part of any criteria for Family Familiar.  Blottis is a single Epic pet encounter found on the Eastern beaches [...]

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Vinu Battle Pet Encounter

Vinu Vinu is a legendary pet found at the vineyard entrance in Northern Azsuna. He's available to fight whenever his World Quest, 'The Wine's Gone Bad', pops up. He'll have two wild pets from Azsuna as backup - battle pets will vary between days but won't change within a given day. Defeating Vinu for [...]

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Ancient Mana Farming Guide: Suramar

What is Ancient Mana? Ancient Mana is vital for the Nightfallen; in-game, it is a pseudo-currency used to increase reputation with the Nightfallen faction and to ensure your Nightfallen comrades don't turn into the withered. You can collect three (3) to six (6) ancient mana per kill in Suramar, collect various ground items [...]

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Mythic+ Dungeon Timers

Mythic Keystones are special items that allow a player to begin a Mythic+ dungeon. The tooltip for these Keystones lists important information: The dungeon for which the Keystone is attuned The level of the Keystone Any affixes that might be in play for that dungeon (see below) The remaining duration on the Keystone item, [...]

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Dungeon Guide: Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

To the chagrin of countless treasure hunters, the golden coffer of the legendary Mistbeard was not to be found on Hullbreaker Isle. And so like the mists which had withdrawn to reveal the isle did those ambitious souls depart to seek fame and fortune elsewhere, allowing Eynzahr Slafsrsyn to quietly petition Admiral Merlwyb for permission [...]

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Issue #9: Palace of the Dead, Raiding, and Relic Obtained

It has been a little while since our last post was made. It seems as though, lately Astrid and I have been playing a lot of Pokemon GO. To top it off, as avid board game players, we may have bought a couple of intro decks at a local gaming store. The decks? Magic the [...]

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Okay guys, I know I know . . . this is a Final Fantasy XIV themed blog to catalogue the adventures of Astrid & Fey. How dare thee disgrace such jrpg mmo splendor with something like the Witcher 3?! As you may be aware, the steam sale was fairly extended and contained a number of [...]

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Issue #8: Housing Tour and Raid Roster

This week has been really great. The free company house is finally coming together on the new FFXIV interior; members got together to run a lot of Aquapolis, of course using the Feym /random method; and, the Lift FC raid group is starting to make some great headway in the Cuff of the Son Savage. [...]

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Issue #7: Aquapolis Fun and Airship NERF

This issue contains a fun trick for progressing in the Aquapolis, a tip for the fastest method to grind esoterics, and a discussion of the FFXIV Airship NERF that Square Enix didn't tell anyone about. Aquapolis Runs for Lift FC You know, for the gambler in us at Lift FC - we sure do love [...]

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Reconditioned Anima Relic Pictures!

SO! It seems there are a number of users from the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit kind enough to share with all of us Eorzeans some screenshots of the new iLvl 240 Reconditioned Anima Weapons. Some may say, "Fey if they are already on Reddit, you don't need to make a post like this . . [...]

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