It has been a little while since our last post was made. It seems as though, lately Astrid and I have been playing a lot of Pokemon GO. To top it off, as avid board game players, we may have bought a couple of intro decks at a local gaming store. The decks? Magic the Gathering. Oh, I know, whoops.

Palace of the Dead

Palace of the Dead was fun, it seems to be a time sync in order to allow players to obtain cheaper Tier V Materia. Of course, our own Thani Pudge already obtained both of the minions . . . she’s a bit of a minion horder!



The story line was pretty good, bringing back the tam-tara story arc was not a bad addition to tide players over until the next big patch.




Raid Team

Just want to give a shout out to all the great members of the raid team who have put in a ton of great work over the past three weeks. Many members had not seen much past the second phase of Cuff of the Son – Savage. We are currently working on Vortexer progression after only three weeks of raiding together. Hoping we can get the last phase down soon and move on to the next step!!!


Relic Updates

Silva Tirisfal has quietly worked on obtaining his 230 relic. Steady steady to win the race. He obtained his relic recently and it looks pretty cool!


Hmmm . . . ?

Of course, we never like to keep it all business . . . Thani Pudge makes sure we have some comic relief . . .


Thani made me the jester since she was the “queen”