Thursday Taste: MMO Music FTW – FOR ROHAN

Theme For Rohan

I’ll never forget my first time hearing the Rohan music in The Two Towers. As the Hardanger melody rang out across the theater, I was completely mesmerized.  It was stunningly, intuitively perfect. Of all the themes to be found running through Peter Jackson’s trilogy, this one really resonated with me. If you have Amazon Prime, be sure to click to enjoy the full Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. While not in a huge theater, I’m sure the tones and sounds will spirit you away to Middle Earth.

How does one broadly define Rohan? A storied nation in decline? A land simmering on the verge of all-out war? Anglo-Saxon reference with Medieval overtones?  Hardy people, individual and family tenderness, triumph and tragedy, crops and kinships, determined men and women, though wary and weary? Nobility, hope, sadness and uncertainty?

The Riders of Rohan Prepare to Charge

The Riders of Rohan Prepare to Charge

[su_quote cite=”LOTR Wiki” url=””]Rohan was a great kingdom of Men, located in the land once called Calenardhon, situated in the great vale between the Misty Mountains and the White Mountains to the south. The land of Rohan extended from the fords of the river Isen in the west, up to the shores of the river Anduin in the east. [/su_quote]

Getting Back Into Lord of the Rings

I just finished rereading all of the Lord of the Rings books on my nook – oh, I know I should have a fire. It’s one of those situations where my own copies of the books are so worn down they are close to falling apart. It is nice to be able to read them on a clean screen and a lightweight screen at that, considering all of the books together are over 1,000 pages!

Image from

Image from

If you’re like me, or a less avid fan but still obsessive fan, like Fey then you can never have enough LOTR books, movies, games (you know monopoly, risk, etc.). Be sure to keep an eye on (a fantastic way Fey and me save on our nerd hobbies) because we picked up our Blu Ray copy of the The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (extended editions) for $27.00 when it was on sale (now listed for $59.50).

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