Reconditioned Anima Relic Pictures!

SO! It seems there are a number of users from the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit kind enough to share with all of us Eorzeans some screenshots of the new iLvl 240 Reconditioned Anima Weapons. Some may say, “Fey if they are already on Reddit, you don’t need to make a post like this . . . .” Well, I was bored, and I wanted to see all of the relic weapons. Even using some basic searches I was not able to pull all of these images from reddit very easily. It took me a couple hours (while also doing some crafting) to compile all of these images. Regardless, I thought it would be nice to make a post so that everyone can see these images in one place. I have linked the reddit user submitting the screenshot so you can go rep them for the awesome screenshots! 

Paladin – Sword & Shield of the Twin Thegns

Twin Thegns

Ninja – Spurs of the Thorn Prince

Spurs of the Thorn Prince

Black Mage – Rod of Black Khan

Black Mage

Astrologian – Sphere of the Last Heir

Sphere of the Last Heir

Warrior – Axe of the Blood Emperor

Axe of the Blood Emperor

Dragoon – Trident of the Overlord

Trident of the Overlord

Dark Knight – Guillotine of the Tyrant

Guillotine of the Tyrant

Bard – Bow of the Autarch

Bow of the Autarch

Monk – Sultan’s Fists

Sultan's Fists

White Mage – Cane of the White Tsar

Cane of the White Tsar

Machinist – Flame of the Dynast

Flame of the Dynast

Scholar – Word of the Magnate

Word of the Magnate

Summoner – Book of the Mad Queen

Book of the Mad Queen

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