Making It Rain Campaign

[su_quote”]This quest contains branching sections, and during certain portions you will receive no guidance from the journal or duty list. You will need to read the text carefully and decipher the clues to determine your next course of action. Furthermore, the conclusion of the quest will differ depending on the choices you make. However, the rewards will remain the same.[/su_quote]

A scream? Oh my . . .

[su_quote]???: AAAAAAHHH! Ollier: A scream!? It came from above─ Quickly, we must help![/su_quote]


[su_quote cite=”Ollier”]Considering the gravity of the crime, we must avoid making any hasty accusations before we have a clear understanding of what transpired here. To that end, our first course of action should be to question each of the suspects. [/su_quote]

For the most part, the quest was thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend looking very carefully at the ending though. There are indeed multiple endings and a player may have missed one special one if played through in haste!


The Senor Sabotender Trophy does look great in the free company house. If you like the sabotender, here is a great plush doll for not a bad cost.

Quest Complete

Airship Part Creation

This week we put together six different airship parts. Needless to say, the amount of darksteel we needed to complete all the projects was intimidating. However, many in Lift FC contributed and we worked together to make our projects complete. We upgraded two of our ships to the Invincible-type Hull, Bronco-type Sail, Viltgance-type Forecastle, and Odyssey-type Aftcastle build. Our hope, of course, is to farm up some materia and get our FC Crafters melded!

Many were involved in helping craft all these parts and here are some screenshots of the fun!




MGP Making Tips

A Mini Cactpot Visual Guide

Having a bonus MGP from Square Enix is driving a number of people to the Gold Saucer. This makes the zone so much more fun! In kind, I know a lot of people want to farm up the 1 million MGP to purchase the Fenrir Mount after seeing the mount fly in the Letter to Producer Live Letter 30 – Part 2. I hope this visual guide will help some of you earn extra MGP at the Mini Cactpot!


 Make MGP – The “Y” Shape Methodmgp-option1 mgp-option2

Pick three choices to make a “Y” shape, as seen in the two images above. After having seen the numbers that are given once selected, a player may be able to locate the possible 10,000 MGP payout row. There will never be more than one possible row where the 10,000 MGP reward can be found – if the player uses the “Y” shape method.

If the reveal shows the 10,000 MGP payout is not on the card, then look for the possible 9, 8, 7 combination. If this combination is not available then look for the highest possible row that could equal 21 or 23.


mgp-ex1On this row, the only place the 10,000 MGP reward could be is in the middle row.
mgp-ex2On this card there is no possibility of a 10,000 MGP payout. But, there is a possible 3600 payout in the last column, so go for that!