Patch 3.3 is in full swing and groups are out there

New Member Spotlight

That’s right, Lift FC has gone INTERNATIONAL with the member base – no, Canada doesn’t COUNT. What we have is a tried and true member hailing from the English Empire. Yashhhh, the world of Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, red buses, black cabs, . . . oh, and good thing we don’t have any Scotsman. Fun fact! According to British law, it is still perfectly legal to kill any Scotsman who enters the city of York if he happens to be carrying a bow and arrow! Without further ado, we would like to introduce Leah Highwind and officially welcome her to the Lift FC Family.


The Story Begins in the Stable . . .

Lift FC has a certain vivacious funnywoman by the name of Thani Pudge. As a lalafell, it seems her life was set upon the comedic arts – after all, the wobbly walk and the endless barrage of jokes the other races of Eorzea make lalafells endure . . . I digress. Regardless, Thani’s life in Eorzea has led her to this . . .


We don’t know why she started to Kweh! We only know she did – KWEH!


Perhaps it was merely to help a little Heavy Hatchling gain some self-esteem . . .


All we know is, to KWEH! is mighty contagious


Zu Mount Train

The Kweh! is strong in this group. More logged on and we all finally realized everyone in Lift FC finally had a Zu Mount! Now, we are a relatively small Free Company. Everyone put in effort to finish our Zu farm ship – the Dionysus.

The Build:

  • Bronco-type Hull
  • Viltgance-type Aetherwings
  • Odyssey-type Forecastle
  • Invincible-type Aftcastle

This build allows the free company to send out the ship every ~26 hours to sector 24 and back. It took about a month of sending the ship out to farm everyone a mount (~10 people).


In celebration, members all posed for the camera.


Of course there ended up being quite a bit of tom-foolery. . .


That may have spilled over to Idyllshire


Glass Fiber Farm

For those of you who do not know, the i190 gathering and the i190 crafting gear released with Patch 3.3 on June 7, 2016, requires players to use Luminous Fiber. If a player wants to obtain a full set of left side and right side Ironworks Crafting or Gathering, a player will need to obtain seventeen (17) Luminous Fibers. Each i195 mainhand requires three (3) additional Luminous Fibers.

Currently, forty-one (41) recipes call for Luminous Fiber. Ranging from one (1) luminous fiber for items like Ironworks Earrings of Gathering up to items that require three (3) luminous fibers, e.g., Ironworks  Apron of Crafting.

The main component of the Luminous Fiber craft is the Glass Fiber. There is a lot of information circulating around. I’m posting this to provide a quick and easy way to generate a significant amount of income – if prices stay high – and allow players to obtain enough Glass Fiber for their own crafting sets.

Luckily for the players, the Luminous Fiber recipe, while calling for three (3) glass fibers, also produces three (3) Luminous Fibers.

Method 1: Aquapolis

There is a lot of talk about how Luminous and even Glass Fiber drops from the Aquapolis. However, this method is pure RNG. Further, I’m sure everyone can relate to the high price of Timeworn Dragonskin Treasure Maps right now.

Method 2: Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

This option is a good method to farm Glass Fibers. The Moogle Beast Tribe quests located in the Churning Mist provide one Carved Kupo Nut – although, the higher level quests provide two (2) Carved Kupo Nuts as a reward. The higher you progress with the moogles, the more reward you will receive in terms of Glass Fiber or Anima Weapon Unidentifiable Part Turn in items.

Method 3: Desynthesis

Here is where you can make the real money. So long as your desynthesis for leatherworker, weaver, blacksmith, goldsmith, or armorer, then you can desynthesize certain items in game to obtain Glass Fiber. Your desynthesis skill needs to be around 215 for 100% chance.

The best way to obtain the items is to do the Blue Script turn in items with Rowena’s House of Splendors. Any of the ilvl 180 gathering items or i180 crafting items have the potential of giving players Glass Fiber upon a successful desynthesis. So, even if you are cash strapped, but have gatherers, you can actually do this money making “method” or “scheme” without spending any gil – instead you invest the time into gathering blue gathering script collectibles.

Each item costs 3x Rowena’s Token (Blue Crafters’ Script). Well at least, the most efficient way is to purchase the i180 crafting or gathering item that only costs 3 scripts.

A player will also need to obtain a crafting Counterfoil. The cheapest way to do this is to obtain the Culinarian Grade 1 Counterfoil. The required turn in is Deep Fried Okeanis.

Now, for the numbers,

Luminous Fiber current MV (Market Value) = ~500k on Faerie.

Through eight Desynthesis of Culinarian Boots I obtained four (4) glass fiber. Three NQ and one HQ.

Total Value of Glass Fiber Obtained: ~2million

To obtain the scripts I crafted twenty-four Dragonscale Grinding Wheels.

To craft these generally costs about 10k if I don’t farm the items myself.

Total: 220k

I craft eight Deep-Fried Okeanis for the counterfoil. These cost about 15k to make if I don’t farm all the materials.

Total: 120k

Overall Cost Total: 340k

As you can see, this method can be profitable!