FFXIV Free Company Estate Tour – Mooglehouse Style

[extra-style]Today’s feature is a Free Company house for Iwatobi Koko <<FREE!>> on the Faerie server. Damien Luvalle was kind enough to provide a tour. The house is a work in progress, but there are still some very cool aspects to this house that need to be shown off – especially since there will be a new wave of adventurers needing housing ideas with Patch 3.3 hitting June 7, 2016!!!![/extra-style]

Estate Profile

  • Iwatobi Palace
  • Address: Plot 13, 5th Ward, The Goblet
  • Greeting: Welcome to our place~ Feel free to look around and explore~ maybe even water some of our plants for us? Thanks 😀



The exterior of this home is fantastic – I’m a sucker for Moogle Houses. I absolutely love the Moogle column – I wish Square would develop some Moogle Columns for the interior similar to the Chocobo Pillar.



Damien_main_floor 1








I want to thank Damien for showing me his Free Company’s great house. I know its still in the process of being remodeled but perhaps when the remodel is done AstridTheory can feature the house again! In the future, I hope to add a short Question/Answer section with the owner to gain some insight into their design choices.

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