New Member Spotlight

Nymn Lyosa

Nymn Lyosa joins the ranks following her hubby lala Feym. Nymn is a great addition and she is a fantastic bard. We are looking forward to running dungeons and clearing content with this great new addition to LIFT FC.

Dungeon Runner

Lots of Free Company love going on this week. Silva  needed a lot of dungeons unlocked and of course War Lop needed a bunch of BONUSSS. It was late, but hey, we know how late night binge sessions go. Feylorne, Feym, War, Astrid, and Silva were on and Silva needed some dungeons. Astrid helped with Neverreap and Fractal with us. However, after Astrid went to bed Feylorne, Feym, War and Silva jumped into Saint Mocienne’s. As you know, the dungeon has an ilvl requirement and Silva hadn’t yet reached it. Luckily Feylorne crafted him some Eikon items free of charge to boost him up. 

  1. Eikon Cloth Corset of Casting 
  2. Eikon Iron Ring of Casting
  3. Eikon Iron Earring of Casting

Once this obstacle was overcome – we were ready to head on in to the dungeon. However, our resident trolololal, War Lop, decided to change over from tank to Black Mage. Of course, we decided to clear with all casters. 

Running as all caster classes.

Clearing Coil

A large group of us helped out and cleared Turn 1 through Turn 6 for Silva.  It was a lot of fun to get back and do some coil.